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Test Your Knowledge of New Hampshire's Spring Sounds!

Posted Wednesday, April 12, 2023
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A frog sits on a lily pad

Spring in the Monadnock region brings warmer weather, opportunities to enjoy the land, and of course, critters galore. Birds sing through the mornings and symphonies of frogs ring out across local wetlands. Most of us are content to simply bask in the bounty of nature and rejoice that we are no longer wearing two pairs of long underwear. But for others who might enjoy a challenge, we present the Spring Sounds Quiz - your chance to test your ear on the sounds of spring. A special thanks to Stewardship Coordinator Richard Pendleton for this wonderful, and challenging, idea. 

To access the quiz, click here! In the quiz you will see links that allow you to open and listen to each sound. Then select your answer to match the sound to its creator. Good luck!