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A Scenic Spot for the Public

Posted Wednesday, November 11, 2020
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Aerial view of Sip Pond peninsula and Mount Monadnock on the horizon

Craig Chamberlain, former landowner and grantor, cuts the ribbon to officially open the property and trail to the public. He is joined by Ryan Owens, executive director of the Conservancy, and Rick Brackett, the Conservancy's land manager.

“This is a great place for families to visit,” said Anne McBride, the Monadnock Conservancy’s land protection director. “It’s the only place on Sip Pond where public access is welcome, and it’s all flat walking.” What location is she talking about?

The Conservancy’s Chamberlain Conservation Area in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire.

The property is ready for all to enjoy. Work is now complete on a new parking area, access to the Cheshire Rail Trail, and the Sip Pond Peninsula Trail, which ends at a scenic spot for fishing, birdwatching, and simply enjoying the views.

Wheels-friendly Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts can easily walk, roll, or ride to the heart of the conservation area. “The width of the trail and the smooth, stone dust surface make it approachable for everyone,” said Rick Brackett, land manager for the Conservancy. Improvements to the rail trail (done in partnership with the state, which owns the rail bed) and the peninsula spur gives pedestrians, wheelchairs, strollers, and bikes a place to go that is nearly 1.5 miles round-trip.

High-priority Parcel

Because of the recreation potential of the rail trail, the location on Sip Pond, and extensive wetland habitat on the south end of the pond, the Town of Fitzwilliam had prioritized the conservation of this 77-acre property.

A half mile of stream flows through it. There is a cranberry bog and lots of wild blueberry bushes. It’s great habitat for flycatchers, migratory warblers and waterfowl, frogs, and turtles.

“Plus, the conservation protects about a half mile of undeveloped shore frontage,” Rick concluded.

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