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Sholl Wetland

Land conservation can be so many things - a way to fight climate change, preserve the historic character of the Monadnock region, and, in the case of the Sholls, honor a family's legacy. Nan and Cal Sholl moved to the Monadnock region in the 1970s and loved the natural landscapes and wildlife. When Nan died in 2020 and Cal in 2021, their children saw preserving this land in Jaffrey as a way to honor their parent's memory, and help this region preserve a vital piece of wetland and forest.  

Wetlands make up more than half of this 56-acre property, and a stratified drift aquifer - a critical and highly productive groundwater resource - make up almost 16 acres of the property. Along over 2400 square feet of streams, and a connection to 941 acres of conserved properties to the east, the Sholl Wetland is an ideal habitat for local wildlife. The Monadnock Conservancy is proud to help this family honor their parents, and forever conserve an important piece of local wildlife habitat.