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Walpole, N.H.
9 acres • Conserved in 2016
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It could have ended up as a parking lot or a big box store — but instead, this rich farmland along the Cold River in Walpole will remain part of the area’s long agricultural history. Owner Perley Lund’s 9-acre field is a key parcel for John and Teresa Janiszyn, who rely entirely on a network of rented land to grow vegetables for their well-known farm stand, Pete’s Stand, on Route 12 in Walpole.

“So much farmland is being developed and paved over,” John said. “If we don’t all work together to do something about it, it’ll all be gone.”

Fresh Vegetables

Perley’s love of the land and of farming is a big part of his motivation to protect his land. “People need to know where their food comes from, and to be able to enjoy fresh, local vegetables,” he said.

“Last year we had a little bit of everything on this field — radishes, peppers, summer squash, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes,” said John.

With Perley’s willingness to protect the land and his excitement for farming to continue to be part of Walpole’s culture, it gives the Janiszyns some hope, too.

Hope for the Future

“It feels like there’s more future in it,” Teresa said. Now she and John talk about adding compost and manure to the soil, a first even though they’ve already farmed the field for multiple years.

“This is a field that’s finally going to be secure, so I can invest in it,” said John.

Now conserved, Perley Lund’s land will be available for the John and Teresa, and for future generations of farmers. And his choice to work with the Monadnock Conservancy may inspire others to do the same.