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Rooted in Place

A family leaves a legacy for future familiesPhoto of glacial erratics aka boulders

Since 1771. Before the American Revolution. That’s how long the Weston family owned this Temple, N.H., farm. “It’s been in the family for so long I would not want anything to ever happen to it,” Priscilla Weston said.

So it was a bittersweet decision to put the farm up for sale. But Priscilla could take comfort in the fact that about 10 years ago she had put 38 acres into conservation to ensure that the land will continue to be well cared for no matter who owns the farm.

The property has open fields used for pasture, forests, wetland and an interesting array of large boulders left behind by the glaciers.

Recently the Perry family bought the home and property and has plans to fix up the farm, rebuild the stone walls and have a few animals like sheep or pigs.

“I wanted to be able to save that for people like the Perrys because we loved this land,” Priscilla said. This place that was a source of so many memories for the Westons and provided them with a livelihood will now do the same for the Perrys … and the next family and the next.