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Evaluating Eden

Planning for the future of wildlife and their habitats
Photo of a stream by Doug Brown

Woodlands carpeted with ferns. A mountain brook. A beaver pond. These are some of our favorite things about the 400-acre Devan Preserve, owned by the Monadnock Conservancy thanks to a generous donation of the land by Cia Devan in 2011. But with all that wonderful habitat diversity, how to really know what animals live and breed here?

The Conservancy is currently working with a consulting ecologist and his team on a multi-year process to inventory all of the animals and their habitats, gathering data to help shape future management decisions for the long-term.

“There’s a lot of diversity on this property, so we are learning as much about it as possible before doing any management activities. We want to ensure that any decisions preserve or enhance that diversity,” says Rick Brackett, the Conservancy’s land manager.

Graduate school students from Antioch will be involved, documenting vernal pools, amphibian and reptile populations, breeding birds, and mammals.

It’s a great example of the dedication and care that goes into maintaining the ecological function of conserved lands thanks to your support.