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On Sip Pond

A place for nature, a place for you
Photo of Sip Pond and Monadnock in background by Anne McBride

At Sip Pond in Fitzwilliam, the east side of the 141-acre shallow pond is crowded with houses and summer cabins. But, across the water, there’s a long stretch of shoreline edged in cattail marsh and weeds -- still plenty of space for wildlife and good habitat for warmwater fish. Now the Monadnock Conservancy owns nearly a half mile of this shoreline and will protect it forever.

“This is the first property we’ve ever purchased. What’s exciting is that it’ll be great for families to visit,” said Anne McBride, land protection director. “It’s the only place on the pond where public access is welcome, and it’s all flat walking. At the end of the point, there are spectacular views of Mount Monadnock.”

There is easy access to a peninsula because the 77-acre property also borders the Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail, owned by the State. The public will be welcome to park here, off Old Turnpike Road, to access the rail trail, hike out to enjoy the views, and even fish.

With gratitude

Thank you to Craig Chamberlain, the landowner who graciously sold the property at below-market value for conservation in perpetuity. Also, raising enough money to buy the land, cover all transaction costs, and provide for future stewardship was possible thanks to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Aquatic Resources Mitigation Fund Program, the Fitzwilliam Conservation Commission, the Quabbin-to-Cardigan Partnership, and the New Hampshire State Conservation Committee Conservation “Moose Plate” Grant Program.